It's You That Defines Beauty Fashionably!

Everyone is beautiful... in our own fashionable way. We beautify ourselves the way that suits us.

Beauty defines what you are. You either like putting makeup on or not at all, it's how you are. You  either enhance your beauty the natural way or surgical way is definitely  for you to decide. You are You, you are doing You. Beauty is You.

Beauty goes with Fashion. How you project and wear as, is your perfect version of you. Being creative and having confidence in your fashion style will go a long way and improve over time.

I myself like to wear makeup, learned it and keep learning it. It's what makes me feel me. When it comes to fashion... affordability, quality and design is what I after just like everybody else. I remember saving my allowance back in High School and during the weekend I go to shopping mall by myself to buy fashionable and affordable clothes or just browsing to see the trends. Someone said, " We should beautify what God has given to us!" and this got stuck in my head.

With the beauty trends these days, I've been seeing ladies wearing this bright color eyeshadow that I cannot look away but stare how gorgeous it is. I honestly don't wear makeup on sometimes when heading out, as you know not all the time it goes how you want your makeup to be and you'd rather let your natural beauty alone and I know ladies with me on this.

I feel great when I compliment and admire the beauty and fashion style of someone and with that feels... and passion I did not expect and never thought I can build my own online boutique. I guess when you are passionate on something and wondering why is because you are meant to be in that particular field. I have eyes and can see perfectly great products that I'm confident everyone will love!

So shop when you get a chance as you're missing out if you don't @

Remember, It's You that defines beauty fashionably!


-Jance Samantha Beauty & Fashion

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