Simple Steps To Put Makeup On

Step 1. Use Cleanser (preferably water based and oil based cleanser)

Step 2. Apply Primer (a must have so your makeup will last longer) 

Step 3. Apply your preferred foundation with sunscreen then blend.

I preferred my primer mixed with foundation using sponge when applied, this way it smoothes and have a perfect blend for foundation as it will look cakey if I apply foundation with brush or applying separately.

Step 4. Apply loose powder with natural brush (use natural brush for dry cosmetic, synthetic brush for liquid like foundation) then blend.

Step 5. Apply Concealer under eye, chin and forehead then blend And Contour on cheeks, jaw line and edges of your forehead.

Step 6. Keep blending using makeup sponge throughout the makeover  (this is the secret for perfect makeup).

Step 7. Next is eyebrows, apply eyebrow pomade or your preferred eyebrow enhancer, use eyebrow brush to blend it and use concealer under eyebrow to perfect the line using angle thin brush.

Perfect eyebrows takes practice, you’ll definitely get there!

Step 8. Eyes. Eyeshadow. Eyeliner (I apply black gel eyeliner first then liquid eyeliner to wing it!). Mascara.

Step 9. Blusher. Blend. Highlighter. Blend. 

Step 10. Apply your favorite lipstick. 

You are now gorgeous than ever!

Note: Remove makeup before you go to sleep.

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