5PCS Anti-Aging Gold Crystal Collagen Eye Mask



  • Item Type: Treatment & Mask
  • Use: Eye
  • Item Type: Treatment & Mask
  • Name:Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
  • Net Wt:6g*5pcs
  • Product Feature: Innovation eye moisturizing maintenance formula,replenish water,repair the eye,full of collagen mask,help relieve eye texture,improve eye dull soft,gentle and exquisite texture,eye more absorption,nutrient and moisture protection,moisturize and nourish your eyes,bring you shining eyes of youth.
  • Ingredients: Water,glycerin,1,3-propylene glycol ,butylene glycol,xanthan gum,Hamamelis (HAMANELIS VIRGINIANA)extract, aloe vera extract(ALOE BARBADENSIS)(SARGASSUM PALLIDUM),Daye seaweed extract ,hydrolyzed collagen,zinc,sodium hyaluronate ,methylparaben ,phenoxyethanol,Kim
  • Usage Method:1.wash your face and eyes with warm. 2.Open the package,remove the mask and apply it to your lower eye area. 3.Gently press mask to fit 15-20minutes. 4.Remove the mask and rinse with water

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