In a Customer Service field, you often encounter customers whom are frustrated for some specific issue. 

As a Customer Service Representative, professionalism and patience is the key.


Customers gets frustrated in many ways, let’s say in Retirement Benefits Center. Pensioner’s payment has not arrived yet or tax form for tax filing purposes hasn’t arrived yet when it should. CSR (Customer Service Representative) took ownership and assured customer to send a new one or reissue the payment. 

Payment hasn’t still arrived yet after a week or two, customer called back and is getting frustrated due to there’s a deadline to meet for tax filing or bills to pay which is totally understandable.


”I understand your concern! , I understand where you coming from., I apologize for the inconvenience.” are the phrases that  you will hear from the CSRs.

”You say.. You understand but you don’t!” from frustrated customer.

Professionally and personally, as a CSR we do understand and more frustrated than the customer as to why issue has not been resolved yet. Being in the frontline we always wanted issue resolved as quickly as possible but we don’t have control over about sending payments as it’s being done from the back office and in order.

Follow up emails and any other ways of making sure an issue is being looked at or monitored is done and allowing the processing time is what we need customers to understand. Nobody wants to be in a position where they don’t want to be. 

Patience and more patience is a win-win situation for both sides and calming down is the way to avoid making things to worse.